I grew up in Adelaide on a typical quarter-acre suburban block and, like many kids my age, I was a regular visitor to the ‘Enchanted Wood’ in between solving mysteries with the ‘Secret Seven’, and then of course, stabling ‘Black Beauty’ safely for the night. And somewhere between the lines of those stories, I promised myself that ‘one day’ I would write a book too.

After completing my Bachelor’s Degree in Business, I made the move to Melbourne and landed my first job in advertising. Soon after that, I married, had two lovely daughters and continued on with my twenty-five year career in advertising before starting my own brand consultancy.

Though my career as a researcher and strategist afforded me a rare and wonderful window into the international world of creativity, storytelling and emotional connection, I still couldn’t get the promise of ‘one day’ out of my head.

Finally, in 2018, I enrolled in Fiona McIntosh’s Masterclass for aspiring writers, which gave me the tools I needed to make my ‘one day’ that day. From there I started writing my first novel, The Eighth Wonder, and with lots of my own twists, mistakes, rewrites and late nights along the way, had the miraculous, heart stopping ‘yes’ from my publisher in 2020. And now my second novel is also well underway.

When I’m not living in made up worlds, my real world is filled with long walks in nature, exercise, indoor plants, cakes (mostly eating them and sometimes baking them), spending time with my husband, daughters, friends and extended Adelaide and New York families, not to mention catering to the whims of our madame groodle. I’m also interested in things like wildlife conservation, cultural change and pioneering people.

When it comes to reading, I have always loved historical fiction, and admired writers with the ability to bring immaculate research to life through imaginative and endearing characters.

I do so hope that you enjoy slipping away with my characters too as much as I loved building the worlds around them.

Thanks for visiting me here. And hope to see you soon.