have always loved historical fiction, and admired writers with the ability to bring immaculate research to life through imaginative and endearing characters. And that, quite honestly, is my goal too.

My 30 year advertising career has afforded me a rare window into the international world of creativity and storytelling, having worked with many of the world’s leading brands.

I’ve run hundreds of focus groups, written stacks of research reports, penned thousands of creative briefs and presented just as many creative concepts in Australia and overseas. All this has led to a deep appreciation of emotion, humanity, culture and the importance of storytelling.

And it’s this experience that has shaped both the writer I am and the stories I seek to tell; namely about women standing up to be counted at the cultural crossroads of history.

My first novel, The Eighth Wonder published July 2021 by Penguin (just as Australia went into Co-Vid lockdown), is set in NYC’s gilded age (1870-1910) and tells the story of an aspiring female architect and her struggle to make her mark on the Manhattan skyline. It also carries themes of animal rights and worker emancipation.

My second novel due out July 2023, centres on the travails of a female reporter seeking to play her part as a war-time correspondent, against all odds, during the critical period of 1917-1918.

Other things close to my heart are travelling, wildlife, classical ballet, coffee, all dogs great and small, reading all genres and of course, my precious family.