Tania Farrelly

Tania Farrelly is an awarded advertising strategist and brand consultant. With a background specialising in research and brand narrative she has now turned her hand from brand stories to human stories.

What The Critics Say About War of Hearts

Deliciously good historical fiction

Espionage, forbidden love, heartbreak, and a tenacious female lead. This genre is my favourite but there was something striking about this story that makes it a real stand out.

I was swept into another world.

I used to steer clear of avoid wartime novels for fear they’d be a yawn- fest, but from the first page I was swept into another world and carried along by the strong storytelling, the sizzling chemistry of the protagonists and the impressive attention the detail about this era of our past.

Eynas Brodie, Writer

Spellbinding! Seamless!

Storytelling at its best. An epic tale of courage, duty and devotion. I absolutely loved it. I couldn’t put it down and as I got closer to the final pages. I didn’t want it to end.

Immersed from the beginning.

I was immersed in the pages of War of Hearts from the beginning and its rarely told perspective makes for compelling reading.

Chrissie Bellbrae, Writer

Addictive and enticing.

A courageous, epic war story so addictive and enticing. It will have your attention from the first page and embrace your soul until the final words.

The Eighth Wonder

‘The Suffragette’ meets ‘The Greatest Showman’ in this story of passion and courage as a young feminist fights against the rules of society to find her place in the world.

Journey back to the streets of New York in 1897, the richest city in the world, and where wizards of progress like Edison, Tesla, Hearst, Morgan and Twain all walk the streets daily, illuminating life’s expansive possibilities one household at a time, if that is, you’ve been born male. And meet the courageous women who refuse to accept the status quo and who, in fighting for equality, speak for all who have no voice.

Inspired by true events and the women of the gilded era.