“Spellbinding! Seamless! Pacey and nuanced, the words dance off the page and whisk you away to another time and place. And as I got closer to the final pages, I didn’t want it to end.”

Tania Blanchard : Best selling author of The Girl from Munich

Set against the backdrop of World War One and spanning three continents, this is a heart-stopping story of forbidden love and courage that explores the nature of faith, the quest for redemption and the true meaning of grace.

New York, 1917.

New York Times investigative reporter Grace Winter is on a quest to expose the less than heroic truths of war, but her efforts embroil her in a diplomatic tussle that will change her life forever.

France, 1918.

Working for the allied cause alongside a Catholic priest in occupied France where civilians have been suffering under a brutal German regime for years, she must navigate the horrors of trench warfare, starvation, and the arrival of an even more sinister new enemy – the Spanish flu.

As the work with the priest becomes more perilous their relationship deepens, until she begins to suspect the good father is hiding a devastating secret of his own – which will ultimately force Grace to choose between the love of one man and the lives of many.